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What is a Notary Public?

In Manitoba, a Notary is a person who is authorized to certify documents, take affidavits, affirmations or declarations for use either within or outside Manitoba. We offer complete notary and commissioner services.

COVID - 19 : What is Your Office's Pandemic Protocol?

The health and safety of our staff and clients is paramount.  In accordance with Public Health orders and recommendations, our office remains open for business but with restricted public access. 

We are limiting in-person meetings in favour of telephone consultations, whenever possible. For Notary Public Services or legal matters that require in-person meetings, we will book your appointment time and kindly ask that you arrive alone, on time and wearing a face mask.  We will ask that you sanitize your hands upon arrival.  We will not shake hands and we will keep a distance of two (2) metres.  Shared surfaces are disinfected after each client.

If you have traveled outside of Manitoba or are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, you must advise us prior to your appointment and we will make alternate arrangements to accommodate you. 

We thank you for your patience and co-operation with the above measures, as we all do our part to limit the spread of Covid-19 within our community.

We are a Same Sex Couple.​ Can You Help us Draft  a Relationship Agree​men​t?

Yes, of course.  At St. James Law Office, we offer a safe and inclusive environment.  We have advised and assisted clients, from all backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations to achieve their legal goals.  We can provide you with legal advice, as it relates to your situation (rights and obligations under federal and provincial legislation) and we can draft an Agreement setting out your individual and collective wishes and intentions, as they pertain to your family unit.

Have Questions?

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us for more details!


What is the Process Before Our Consultation/Meeting?

Before we receive any confidential information about your matter, we must ensure that there is no conflict,  which would prevent us from meeting with you.  If you telephone or email us to book an appointment, we may first send you a short form to obtain your contact information, confirm your identity and ascertain the circumstances for which you are seeking legal advice. 

If there is no conflict, we will confirm with you a date, time, format, length and fee for the initial consultation. During this initial consultation,  you may ask questions and we will advise you of your legal options, timing, process, remedies and the likelihood of you achieving your desired outcome. 

If you choose to pursue the matter further and if we agree to take you on as a client,  we will discuss a plan, the estimated legal fees, disbursements and enter into a written retainer agreement with you, prior to taking your instructions or proceeding with your matter.

How Much Does it Cost?

As each matter varies in time, complexity and process. We will always advise you of the fee prior to meeting with you and before commencing any work on your file or entering into any retainer with you. We offer flat rate fees and flexible payment arrangements for certain matters

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