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Notary Public Services

If you have been asked to obtain certified copies of original documents,  or to swear an affidavit,  or require the witnessing or notarizing of your signature or the verification of your identity, we can help!   We offer full Notary and Commissioner services. 

Some examples of the documents we Certify or Notarize are:

  • Affidavits, Declarations, Oath affirmations and Acknowledgements
  • Criminal Background Checks (identification confirmation)
  • Consents to Travel
  • Invitation Letters
  • Proof of Identity or Residence
  • Academic Diplomas, Certificates or Transcripts
  • Civil Documents (Birth, Marriage and Divorce Certificates)
  • Passport Information Pages or Visas
  • Documents facilitating the Purchase or Sale of Real Property out of Province

  • Documents facilitating the Purchase or Sale of Personal Property out of Province
  • Powers of Attorneys 

The above list is not exhaustive, so please call us at (204) 509-5776.

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